Our Story

Wolf Dog marketing started when a brand builder and a digital strategist came together to work on a small project. That small project led to a second, then to another, and before we knew it a partnership was born.

Our focus is on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs build their brand identities and establish an online presence. We truly love what we do and our clients benefit as result.

Team Players

allison Dirienzo - cofounder
Brand strategy / messaging guru

Allison commands the strategy hub at Wolf Dog. She has a unique ability of getting to know a brand, helping to identify the business opportunities and telling its story. Her mastery of words is invaluable and her messaging skills are powerful. She has a love for understanding the consumer and always puts the end user at the forefront of conversations with clients. A graduate of Tufts University, Allison has spent over a decade building and growing big brands including an online gaming property of Turner Broadcasting, Maybelline and T.J.Maxx. She helps clients dig deep and make decisions for their marketing that will move the business forward. Her philosophy on digital marketing is simple: capture the audience and have them take action.



Jen is responsible for all things creative at Wolf Dog and is our technical powerhouse. She makes everything work and she makes it look good. Jen honed her skills and a passion for digital strategy inside the Digital Ad Agency world. Her broad range of website design, development and execution spans across business spheres including brands such as Apperian, Signiant, The Barking Crab and The City of Boston. Jen believes every business has unique needs online and her approach to digital marketing is the perfect marriage between form & function. She is always on the pulse of the latest happenings online, gets excited over the newest app or innovative design and is a consummate problem solver.